Jan 23, 2012

where am i?

can you figure out where i am?
look carefully at the pictures, and let me know when you figure it out:

a close up of the above wall covering.

hand scraped wood floors.

textured plexiglass panel separation.

wall tile.

 closeup of one of the three different countertops.

detail of regular height chair.

still having trouble?
let go inside the restrooms. maybe that will help...

fireplace. complete with a cozy ottoman.

ceiling details....

bar stool.


still trying to figure it out?
how about a bigger hint....

are you are shocked as i was?
(and yes, behind the etched golden arches on that glass is a water feature!)
can you believe the finishes in this joint??

i just HAD to post this!
hey, i know all the hoopla surrounding mcdonalds....i agree that most of their food is not very healthy, and that we, as amercians eat way too much it, BUT, as a designer, i was totally impressed with this new mcdonlads that opened near my home. honestly, when my family and i first walked in, i felt like i was in an upscale cafe. i really appreciate all of those little and not so little details and layers that go into making a space feel cozy and interesting...and the design team behind these new restaurants did a great job accomplishing that!

what did you think?
did you figure it out? and if so, when?
have you been in similar mcdonalds?
do you like that the interiors of some fast food restaurants have been "super sized"?
does if effect how many times you will or will not eat there?
let me know...i am so interested in this!


  1. When I was in Milan 10 years ago I saw the most incredible McDonalds. It had chandeliers and looked like some gorgeous cafe.

  2. Several McD's in our area have undergone renovations recently, to look more like this and less like the "red and yellow golden arches" of my childhood. I think McDonalds has upped the ante in an effort to reinvent themselves and appeal to a broader demographic of adults, compete w/Starbucks with their coffees, etc.

  3. That is crazy! I totally thought you had done something else in your husbands office, but as I kept going through the pictures things started to look weird and I had no idea where you were. I was totally shocked!

  4. I was thinking the same thing as Jill...they are trying to broaden to a new demographic. It goes with their "McCafe's" and other coffee drinks(their Frappe's are totally awesome!). I like the fancy decor and coffee drinks, just don't know how they fit with the old happy meal image. Interesting post!

  5. Never in a million years would I have guessed McDonalds.

  6. McD's was last on my mind... I thought some fancy hotel I should have known the name of. I've seen some nice Mcdonalds (honestly I don't go very often) but certainly not on this level. We do have a Chick-fil-a here that is pretty nicely decorated with black leather arm chairs, rustic brick and the like. But the water feature over etched glass logo here is pretty upscale!

  7. I did not know it was a Mcdonalds. Have never seen anything like that around here. I never really thought twice about mcds until i became a mom and appreciated how mcds kept my kids occupied when I was at the end of my rope caring and feeding them. Then our good friend started working for corporate mcds and gave us the inside scoop on all the quality control involved. I became impressed with the company. Plus, the company turned itself around when it was heading down and they reinvented themselves with a healthier menu. And did well at it amidst a recession. I also appreciated them twice when we redid our kitchen and there were again many nights when I was so thankful for quick easy takeout that kept the kids happy when we had no access to my regular kitchen appliances. I like their salads! And my kids are ridiculously skinny!! Thanks for sharing that swanky mcds!

  8. Ha! Fancy! Yes, I am shocked. And now I have a craving for french-fries.

  9. I never would have guessed that! Amazing, I hope our Mc D's does the same thing, I thought it was an upscale cafe for sure!!!!! XO, Pinky

  10. What? That is so not the McDonalds I know. I love their cheeseburger happy meals, my indulgence. I always feel embarrassed when I go to pay and I don't have a kid with me LOL Those finishes are amazing for a fast food joint huh?

  11. What a fun post! I was completely fooled. I've featured your blog at stylesson today.

  12. ha!! i am glad you all got a kick out of this just as much as i did. i was really shocked when i walked in and found myself touching nearly every surface to inspect it. i for one am glad that large corporations like mcdonalds still try to 'woo" us with good design. i mean, is mcdonalds my favorite place to eat? NO WAY. but, with three kids and a busy life, my family and i find ourselves eating there at LEAST once a month. so, even though they don't HAVE to make the insides of their restaurants pretty....they do. it kinda make me like them even more. mean, honestly, have you ever had a favorite place to eat....that over the years started getting more and more run down and the food started getting worse and worse until one day you decided that you had enough and you were never going back? i guess i feel like mcdonalds is always trying so hard that they will never be "THAT" restaurant. and i admire them for that....and their $1 large diet cokes. :)

  13. That's one way to get style savvy moms into the place! I've never seen one like this.

  14. This shocked me! What a fun post. I'm addicted to their iced coffees!