Jan 4, 2012

latest and greatest affordable finds

if you follow me on pinterest, then you know i have a board called "affordable finds" that i update whenever i come across a great deal. here are a few of my latest and greatest finds....some which are so fresh, they haven't even been pinned yet!

although i am not crazy about the finish on this 27" mirror,  at
$19.99, you can afford to paint it any color your heart desires!
i think a pair of these mirrors would look great on a wall, flanking 
a great piece of art.

this petite ottoman is a steal at $69.99! i love the little casters on the legs....
making a slipcover for this in a fun fabric would really perk up this piece and personalize it.

i am kind of in love with this $60 mercury glass lamp, as well as a few others that kirklands is currently carrying. they have 5 or 6 lams right now that are spec affordable and darn right NICE looking.

the lines of this chair are pretty similar to the popular bobbin chair. i think we can all agree that some new fabric on this baby would update it and make it a lot more fun to look at...but overall, the lines of the chair are really nice, and it will only set you back $248, versus several hundred dollars more for a similar version. this would look great painted out in a soft grey or creamy white.

if clean simple lines are your thing, look no further. this wood slat mirror has a very west elm vibe to it,
and will not last long at it's current $48 price tag.

this little platner knock off wire table would look great in amy style of room.
only $119, and the mirrored top is a nice touch.

a kitchen or laundry room would be a great place to add this zig zag rug. it is available in 7 colors! it
could also be used to recover a bench or the seat of a pair of chairs.

i like the texture that driftwood frames and mirrors can add to rooms...especially kids rooms.
this one is a decent size, and a bargain at under $50.

these ceramic garden stools are among the most affordable i have come across. there are also several other styles available at great prices.
*the shipping can add a lot to this particular item depending on where you live....


  1. I was just checking out your affordable finds board last night. Love that first mirror, wouldn't 4 of those grouped together be a nice statement in a foyer?

  2. Wow, those are some great finds!, I am going to pin that mirror for sure, what a great deal! Thanks Autumn for your great blog and pinning, hope 2012 brings you all the things awesome!

  3. Love these finds Autumn! I just went crazy repinning from your 'affordable finds' page. Keep em' coming!! - Kristy

  4. Thanks for the great finds. I just bought that mirror after seeing it on your post. It's going to cost about $33 with shipping. Still not bad for such a large mirror. I'm planning on painting it since I'm not loving the existing finish. Can't wait to put it up.