Mar 5, 2012

feeling beachy

every year around this time, i start to fantasize about being someplace warm.
someplace with palm trees and warm breezes and azure waters.
doesn't that sound divine?
one of the items on my bucket list is to own a home with a view of the ocean. 
i even have a pretty great idea of what i want in that house:

it would have a casual, layered feel...with lots of white and some pattern and color
thrown in here and there...
(sarah whit design via elle decor)

(tracery interiors via traditional home)

(sarah richardson)

the kitchen cabinets would be white, with some great light fixtures, and an interesting pattern on the
floor would be perfection....

 some modern barstools would keep the space  from feeling too traditional.
design serendipity

the bathroom would have lots of texture, and use natural material like wood and concrete:
(m. elle design)

i would love to see some some patterned roman shades in any room...maybe the dining room?
(tim clarke interior design)

the master bedroom would have a relaxed, textural vibe with soft touches of color.
(tracery interiors)

(m. elle designs)

a fun burst of color would be a welcome addition in the guest bedroom:
(via coastal living)

i would pile all the kids in a great bunk room like this...
(melanie turner interior design)

or this:
(m. elle designs)

an outdoor space where we could sit and eat is a must.
(wall street journal)

i would also love to have a pool, especially if it looked like this:
(via things that inspire)

and, of course, a view like this would be the icing on the cake!
how about you?
do you fantasize about living at the beach?
do you have a favorite beach town or spot you enjoy visiting?


  1. Beautiful pictures. I want the pool and patio in the next to last pic. Love it. Hugs, Marty

    1. oh, i know. i LOVE interiors, but i almost always *sigh (and talk to myself, just a little) when i see a gorgeous outdoor space.

  2. I wrote a similar post today! I'm definitely in a beachy mood, craving the look of white sand and bright sunlight. If you ever have this dream beach house, I'm coming for a visit ;)

    1. DEAL!! as long s you invite me to YOUR dream beach house!

  3. I think we are all in the beach frame of mind. i am so looking forward to going to our beach house on sunday for a relaxing spring break!!!

  4. It's a lovely dream. My favorite vacations are ones at the beach, I don't think I'd ever get tired of spending time in a home with a view of the water.

  5. Ahh the beach.... I love the laid back casual living it evokes. Plus the beach breeze does wonders for my curly hair! :) Makes me wish I was headed for a vacation soon!

  6. The beach is my favorite place on earth. We used to live in Key West, and they literally celebrate the sunset there every night. It would be so great to own a beach house someday. I enjoyed this post because we're giving our home office a beach feel to it, and there are so many great ideas from your pictures. Gonna get my pin on.

  7. What's the source of the floor tile pic? I'm trying to track down what that product is. Thanks!