Mar 16, 2012


did you know that my high school mascot was the shamrock?
(yes, that's right. a plant.)
as you might have guessed, our colors were green + white, which i loved, but i will admit that wearing a shamrock on my shirt was not nearly as intimidating as a fierce, talon-bearing eagle or an ax-toting viking.
plants are not very ferocious...

ha!! ha!
the town where i went to high school was called dublin--it's a suburb just north of columbus, ohio,
and was named after the original in ireland.
st. patricks day is a HUGE deal there--maybe not as big of a deal as in chicago, but a big deal nevertheless.

 i suppose i have a soft spot in my heart for all things green + white, and fact,
i named my son Grady, which is an irish surname. while i can't claim irish blood,  my mother in law has irish ancestors, which makes my husband and kids part irish. i have adopted my mother in laws custom to make corned beef, cabbage, and irish soda bread every march 17.
(i adore cabbage, by the way. is that weird?)

ahh... green, it's one of those shades that at it's brightest is clear and LOUD and vibrant,
and at it's softest is soothing and peaceful.
it is perhaps the MOST versatile color.

here are some fun ways to add a pop o' green to you home:

i love the quirky feel of this tufted sleeper sofa---and that it doesn't look like your
typical budget-friendly sleeper sofa. (i suggested this sofa to a client who was needing a
sofa to pull double duty in a playroom/guest bedroom)

i am really digging the green patina on this carved catch-all dish. my daughter could use this in her
room to keep all of her little earrings in.

this green ceramic lamp is a bargain at just under $75.

this sweet little hydrangea painting would look great in just about any room.

i would use this farmers market basket to corral loose items on my desk.

how adorable are these monogrammed note cards?

happy st. patricks day!
do you make a traditional irsh meal?
do anything fun for the kids?
make green eggs and ham?
do tell...


  1. I'm half Irish, and I've been know to dress up in green and wear a headband with shamrocks on it for St. Patricks day. ;)
    I think the only 'traditional' thing I might make is Irish Wheat bread which I blogged about this week (It's super easy)

  2. I have made a version of corned beef and cabbage in the crock pot. I do love the authentic version, so yummy.

    I LOVE green and am trying to find a way to incorporate it into my home. Happy St. Patricks day, tommorrow!

  3. My in-laws used to live in Dublin! What year did you graduate?

    1. oh boy...this is making me feel old! i graduated in 1991...right smack dab in the middle of the era of huge bangs, suede skirts and girbaud jeans!!

  4. Happy St. Patrick's Day...we ended up going out for Mexican food...but I missed the corned beef and cabbage (that I usually pick up from a delicious gourmet market--even though we like to cook). I have that green ceramic basket in it...for berries in the fridge.

  5. Did you know they renamed the team?? They're just the "rocks" now. Sigh. I'm not sure that's very intimidating either...

    1. so dumb. i guess a rock is scarier than a shamrock, though. at least it hurts when you get hit with a rock...