Mar 13, 2012

e-design update: tween hangout space

it literally feels like f-o-r-e-v-e-r ago when i first posted about this tween hangout space!
i started on this project nearly two years was one of the first e-design projects i worked on.
this space was designed as a muti-function room, perfect for a sleepover, don't you think?
--there is a lounge area,(complete with entrainment center and big screen tv...sorry i didn't get a shot of that wall for you!) a huge toy closet, a desk area, a stage area, and a bathroom.

this client happens to live in my former hometown of  knoxville, tennessee,  so when i went back to visit two weeks ago, i made an appointment to stop by and check our our handiwork and take some pictures to share with you!

as you may recall, this was once an unfinished attic space that was transformed into a hangout space for two tween girls. to see progress pictures, click here.
here is the nearly finished room. (i say nearly finished because there are still a few minor details left to work on)
(sorry about the crazy light spots on the pictures--there is actually a lighted disco ball in the ceiling (that you can't see in the pictures), and it casts these fun light spots everywhere...)

the wall color is : gossamer blue by benjamin moore
the darker niche is painted: wilmington spruce by benjamin moore

all of the fabrics are from premier prints, and cost less than $10 a yard.

here, on the "stage" area, we painted the walls a nice grey-black--benjamin moore's "black jack".
the dark wall color helps to create the focus on the star of the stage, and also disguises the odd angles
in the walls and ceilings. the window casings are also painted black to help them blend in with the wallpaper.

the "whiling dervish" wallpaper was purchased at anthropologie (no longer available), and is also installed on the power room ceiling. the wallpaper was the inspiration for the color scheme of the entire space.
the stripes were a particularly fun part of the design for me. i was SO glad my client went along with my idea to paint that may stripes in THAT many colors!

we swapped out the plain knobs on the mirrored vanity for some fun turquoise ones.
the floors are a hexagonal marble tile with black grout.

you may also notice that the window casings around the hexagonal window were painted the same color as the large stripe---again, this was done to help the  window blend in with the walls.

the desk area---we installed a faux roman shade with polka dot grosgrain ribbon on the sides, and a black pom pom trim on the bottom.

here is the originally design board for the bathroom:

and finally, a detail of the painted stripes for the bathroom wall.

isn't it fun to see the design boards and then see the translation of those ideas in a REAL room?
i think so.....i LOVE what i do!


  1. Love it! So jealous of these girls!

  2. Fantastic job! It is such a fun and fresh hang out space. Love the trick of painting a larger stripe on the wall and including the window in it in the same color. M.

  3. LOVE the stripes. Even though there's a lot of that going on these days, I just love the color combo and the way you variegated the sizes. Lots of fun stuff in this makeover!

  4. Super fun! I remember this room! Glad you were able to check out the progress!

  5. I LOVE this!!! The bathroom especially, so beautiful and fun! I could design a wedding around that bathroom, lol!

  6. Wow, you've outdone yourself this time. The bathroom is my favorite, brilliant!

  7. This space is seriously so cool. I love the colors and fabrics, the stripes, the stage. I especially love the bathroom...I don't think I've ever seen a prettier one. The wallpapered ceiling is the perfect touch, and the chandelier and mirrored vanity are so glam. Really really great job, Autumn!

  8. Darling! Darling! Darling! Way to go!!

  9. That room is gorgeous...I am nowhere near the age of a tween, and I want it!

  10. Can you tell me the name of the fabric used for the faux Roman shade?

    Beautiful room.


  11. I love your faux Roman Shade. How difficult was it to make and where did you purchase the fabric.

  12. alex, the faux roman shade was really easy to make.
    the fabric is from premier prints and is called "mingei"