Mar 23, 2012

may the odds be ever in your favor...

(sorry---i just HAD to sneak in a reference to the hunger games! i read the books about two years ago, and i have been super excited to see the movie! i am taking my 12 year old daughter out for sushi and the 7pm showing tonight.)

one of the principles of interior design is balance. i know when a lot of us envision "balance", we think in terms of pairs, and this IS a WONDERFUL way to create balance. but another way to create balance is with odd numbers...with THREE being a favorite. may the ODDS be ever in YOUR favor...especially if your rooms look anything like these:
 three pieces of art are perfection above this console. this is such a simple vignette---three coordinating pieces of art in simple frames, above a simple console. it makes  such an impact, though, doesn't it?

 these three west elm tables create a fun grouping in front of the chaise. i know, i's hard to concentrate on anything but that VIEW!

i really like the peaceful feel of this bedroom, and the simple use of three mirrors over the bed. you can find similar mirrors here and here.

these three pieces of art look really great above this bed. don't you love the touches of blue here? the curtains, a small pillow on the chair and the THREE pillows on the bed are the only touches of blue in the room, but the color really makes an impact. 

love these three pendants over this island. if i had a large island, i would SO do this.

SO, back to the hunger games...
did you read the books?
did you like them?
are you going to see the movie?
i have to admit that i read the "other" (twilight) teen fantasy series and enjoyed them, but didn't care for the movies. i am hoping that the hunger games movie is HALF as good as the book, and then i know i will love it.


  1. I used to have two framed prints over my bed and it never looked quite right, maybe it was that 3rd frame that was missing.

  2. I like that yellow rug UNDER the 3 West Elm side tables...

    YES! I read the books in record time after receiving them for Christmas. I bought my movie ticket over a month ago and I'm nerdy excited about seeing the movie. I haven't read or watched the Harry or Vampire series so I surprised myself by getting incredibly obsessed with everything Hunger Games related. True geek out moment right here.

    1. i JUST got back from the movie and it was GREAT! you will love it!

  3. I like 'threes" too...I really want to see the hunger games! Perhaps this afternoon.