Mar 9, 2012

instagram updates

the last couple of weeks have been really busy, but i have managed to make some progress on 
a few things in my house. 
i just installed the instagram app on my phone, and i thought i would 
share my progress pics a la instagram! 
(love that app, by the way. everything looks so COOL when you instagram it!)
i have a collection of prints and original artwork from artist wolf barsch that i wanted to hang.
in previous homes, these pieces have been hung seperately, but i wanted to hang them
together this time to fill the large blank wall in the dining area. i love that they definitely look like they are
part of a collection, but they are all very different from each other.

i finally decided to pull the trigger on the morten table lamp from west elm for grady's room.
i LOVE the way it looks....the matte charcoal finish and natural colored, slightly textured shade are the
perfect balance to the soft blue grey walls and pattern on the window seat cushion and drapes.

 in my entry, i hung my vintage etching that i found at a thrift store last year. (still need to get that mat's totally off center. grrr...) above it are two organic prints from a local artist that i slipped into frames i had hanging around the house. not counting the new linen mat on the etching, the total cost for this art vignette is right around $55 (including the cost of the frames!).

i also recovered my vintage bamboo chairs with some houndstooth fabric i already had, and topped it
off with a pillow i bought at anthopologie several months ago.

i still have a LOT to do in the house. i kinda feel like the little engine that could. i just need to pace myself and PUSH, and eventually, i just might cross the finish line.
i'm glad y'all are here with me to follow up on me and cheer me on.
happy friday friends!


  1. I remember Wolf Barsch! I had him for a few of my art classes. :) I love how your home is coming together. I can't wait to see it all done, although I completely understand how these things take ages.

  2. sarah, my MOM even took a few classes from wolf back in the day! my parents started collecting his art about 35 years ago, and have become friends with him. they now have quite a collection, and have let me have a few pieces.

  3. instagram does seem to make every picture special! Wish they had it for android.

    Love how your home is coming along.

    If you have a chance I'd love you opinion on my gallery wall

  4. Came across your blog through a link - Nice work, Autumn! From Sarah, your interior design classmate long ago...

    1. hi sarah!! what have you been up to? and where are you these days?

  5. I also live in Utah, and I wondered what thrift you went to to find that amazing vintage piece of art? I would love to know the hot spots you go to or is it The DI?