Mar 27, 2012

out and about

i thought i would share some random snippets of last week:

i stopped by the DENNIS PHILLIPS GALLERY, where i found some affordable art. 
(i will share more on that next week)

 found some goodies at WORLD MARKET:
isn't this mirror cute?

 you may remember this mirror from this project. it is a great sized mirror for a really great price.

 they have a fabulous select  of colorful pillows, perfect for a quick spring update.

 i thought the colors in this one were particularly nice.

and i ADORE this;s so quirky.

they have a really great selection of curtain panels. i particularly liked these two.

this is labeled as a dining room settee, but wouldn't it look great at the foot of a bed?

this is my favorite place to get these x-back chairs.

 a great headboard i spotted--this would be a great diy project!

 a quick jaunt through ANTHROPOLOGIE on my way to book club:
 love this summery installation with the square ceramic stools and the cactus.

 i also loved the funky installation on this wall, and had to get a closer look....

 wow! wood veneer! oh how i love anthropologie's displays.....

off to the UTAH MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS for book club.
this month we read "the memories of madame elizabeth vigee le brun"...
the writings of an 18th century french  portrait painter.
 she was marie antoinette's court painter.  kinda a boring book,(although a free download on the kindle!)
 but it was really neat to see one of her paintings in person.

the UMFA actually owns this was huge...about 5 feet tall. 
the textures and colors were exquisite in person.

i was kinda surpassed at the wall color in the "17th and 18th century  european" area of the was a very rich, warm peach color. similar to this:

benjamin moore's "sweet 'n sour"

thursday night was the BIG opening of CITY CREEK,  the new 2 billion dollar shopping/dining experience in downtown salt lake city. after hearing about it for the last 3 years, we figured we should
stop by and check it out.
it was a perfect day outside, and there were tons of other people there eager to enjoy the
new stores and restaurants. 

i have a major crush on these light fixtures....

on the way back to our car, we walked through the the historic joesph smith memorial building
(previously the hotel utah) to enjoy the architecture...

the moldings in this place are INSANE. in-sane.

one of the kids needed to go to the bathroom, so we made a pit stop.
i coulnd't help myself when it came it taking a picture of the bathroom floors...

how great are these floors?

and last but not least, i took my 12 year old daughter out for sushi and then to see the hunger games.

thanks for joining me on my recap of last week.
hope you enjoyed seeing a peek of my out and about-ness.
happy tuesday!


  1. 2 billion dollars?! That's a lot of our tithing money. :) Sara

  2. ohh I just stopped into world market yesterday for the first time in a long while looking for some fuji apple sake I had tasted previously (blush) anyways I ended up looking around in there forever, everything was so great!