Mar 26, 2012

ikea rast hack: my sketch comes to life

several months ago...(ok, maybe even closer to a year), candace, from crafty sisters blog hired me to do a design plan for her master bedroom.
both candace and nicole are AMAZINGLY handy, and so when it came to redesigning her bedroom, she said she was on a tight budget, and was up for any type of diy challenge.
you better believe that i put her TO WORK!
(nicole is my sister in law, so that makes candace my sister in laws sister. is that confusing enough?)
anyway, candace has been making tremendous progress on the long list of DIY projects that i lined up for her.

she recently completed a pair of these oly inspired ikea rast nightstands:

isn't it amazing?? 
it is always so incredible to see something in REAL life that you dreamed up in your head!

here is the original piece that inspired me-the elizabeth bedside table from oly studio:

this is a sketch that i sent to nicole as she was starting to modify the fast night stands....

the nightstands are painted a soft dark blue-green by 
benjamin moore: dartsmouth green 691.

here is a peek at them in progress...nicole is the genius who made my sketch into a reality!

a few of the other projects that candace has already completed for her bedroom:
(you can see the tutorials for each of these projects on their blog)

recovering two kmart stools and adding trim.

making a sunburst mirror.

making trimmed roman shades.

making a simple plant stand:

making pillows shams and a bed skirt,

and some accent pillows.

here is a peek at the plan that i put together for candace:

with all of these projects that candace has completed, it's kind of a miracle that she is still sane! i am so impressed with what she has been able to accomplish so far, and i am looking forward to seeing the FINAL reveal sometime soon.


  1. Wow. This is truly spectacular! I am so impressed! I can't wait to see the finished room. Great work on both of your parts.

  2. Love that little dresser. I too have been dreaming up ideas for my own hack. Your sketch turned out beautiful!

  3. Love the blue dot pillow with the black/white trim - so pretty!

  4. Love the details of the bed skirt. Everything looks great!


  5. wow!! she MADE? that mirror?? sheesh, that's one talented lady!

  6. Wow- this is so inspiring! Both you and the client did amazing work putting the plan together and making it happen. The nightstand is gorgeous!

  7. I don't know if I AM still sane.... just kidding...I love everything you have designed for my room! Your are the best Autumn, thanks for all your help.

  8. that nightstand turned out SO well. love the color and lines.

  9. WOW! The nightstand looks absolutely wonderful, so much so that no one would ever guess it started out as a plain jane Ikea Rast! Beautiful.

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  11. This is looking down right AMAZING!!! I wish my husband and I had more DIY skills!

  12. Those nightstands are simply gorgeous!! And the room, great collaboration. Janell

  13. Wow! Truly, I would love to know how she did the wood appliqué on the nightstands. Thanks for any info!
    Love, Michiganhome