Mar 6, 2012

linen love

isn't finding an affordable source for something you love the best?
a few weeks ago (on pinterest--where else?) i spotted a source for $9 a yard linen.
i called and ordered a few sample cards because i KNEW i was going to
be all over $9 a yard linen! i love linen because it is a natural fiber with slight variations and
imperfections and i love the subtle texture it adds to a room.

the company that offers this linen is called gray line fabrics and is based out of new york.
i  ordered three sample cards:
the warsa linen is a thicker linen, suitable for lightweight upholstery, pillows and other home dec. applications, and is available in 51 colors.

the judy linen is a mid weight linen, (perfect for window treatments and pillows) and is
available in 71 colors. YES, 71 colors!

i also ordered the yarn dyed handkerchief linen sample card. these linens have a "cross dye" appearance to them...each color appears to have at least two colors woven into the fabric. (kind of chambray looking)

you don't have to be a designer to order sample cards! most of the time, it is more affordable to order a sample card than it is to order a memo sample of your favorite 3 or 4 colors. if you have several projects in your home that you will be working on, then it may well be worth spending $10 on a sample card so you can see the dozens of options available....
at any rate, i have already used this linen in two projects, and i have a very good feeling that this linen
company and i are going to have a long happy history together! i think i will be ordering a few more sample cards very soon.

you can see their other products here.


  1. Thank you for this info! I found this company on pinterest too and I have been tempted to try it out. Having your info on it helps me to know which kind to order for drapes.

  2. Read about this first on Little Green Notebook, followed by Bryn Alexandra. Love this fabric and will definitely order some. Your blog is fantastic so now it's 3 solid recommendations for the linen!

  3. Great article!! I am so glad to hear someone else voice the importance of the functional side.

  4. Beautiful! Delightful blog! I'm a new follower! ♥

  5. Glad to hear that anyone can order the sample cards! I found this one pinterest too! That site is a dream come true!

  6. So I have a question about using linen for panels. I'd like to do some striped linen panels in my den, but I'm worried with any light behind the panel (even heavily lined) that the seams will show and I'll see dark "lines"? Does that make sense?? Have you used linen before for windows and do the seams show?

    1. yes, the seams can show. the best lining is one that either partially or totally blacks out the light....but an interlining can also help with this. i have used silk stripes, linen stripes, and also silk and linen together, and the seams always show a little unless there is a blackout lining.

  7. Did you end up using the Judy linen for drapes? I'm considering using them for oursz