Dec 12, 2009


my parents have the 
hugest magnolia tree in their backyard.
i mean it, 
the thing is enormous, 
and the leaves are huge.
 i would sneak into their yard nearly every year, 
equipped with at least two large garbage bags 
and "borrow" some leaves for decorations 
around my house.
i never made a wreath or garland 
entirely from magnolia leaves... 
instead i would use them in small clusters
mixed with other natural greens 
to enhance faux lighted garland.
 the leaves would last all season and had a beautiful, 
glossy sheen that add contrast to other evergreens.
i can't get magnolia leaves where i live now, 
but i can still admire pretty pictures of them.

this would either cost a fortune or be a lot a lot of work!

such a pretty yet simple wreath.

lovely magnolia garland, and so fitting for the setting.

gorgeous in gold. 
this garland, from martha stewart living, is a simple cardboard swag template 
with spray painted magnolia leaves attached.

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