Dec 28, 2009

temporary wallpaper

this is genius!
why didn't i think of this? 
it's called tempaper, and it is a
vinyl coated self adhesive wallpaper.
it's repositionable too!

i would use the  damask print on the 
ceiling of a powder room.
and the houndstooth would look amazing 
in a hall or even a dining room.

it's run by an aunt and her twin nieces.
how sweet is that?
visit their site here
you can even shop online, 
which i love.


  1. Your blog is super great. I totally want this.

  2. shut up! i was totally thinking of doing just one wall in my bedroom TODAY. but i was also thinking...what if i hate it. this would be great. i think i would go for the one in the first picture. thinking of doing a light grey paint on the rest of the walls. but still thinking on it.

    hope you had a great christmas!