Dec 28, 2009

studio apartment

my cute, newly married sister in law and her husband recently moved into a studio apartment in washington dc.  she sent me a floor plan of her new spread and asked for my help.
they really like a warm modern look, and wanted to make the apartment function for many things. they occasionally entertain, as my SIL is a fabulous cook, but they also need to maximize the storage and wanted to create a sense of privacy for the bedroom area.
here's the floor plan:

so, i got to work, and drafted up the 
living/dining/sleeping area of the apartment. 
(since i don't have the drafting program that i normally use 
installed on my computer, i used this free one online.)
when i first saw the floor plan, i initially thought that the best place for the "bedroom" and "living room" would be closer to the window, making the
 dining area closer to the kitchen. 
but here's what i found out after placing the furniture:

there was no room for the couch.
and no sense of privacy in the bedroom.
and DANG, is that apartment small!!
no, this layout was not going to work...
so, i swapped the living area and placed it 
closer to the kitchen, and voila!
 all of the sudden, there was room for a "bedroom"
and "office",a "dining area" and a "living room".
here's the final floor plan i sent her, 
as well as an "idea board"
 for possible furnishings.

as you can see, i managed to fit in 4 separate-feeling living areas:
the living area consists of:
a sofa, a coffee table, a side table with lamp,
large dresser with tv above, 
a small plant stand, and a side chair
the dining area consists of:
a pedestal table with 2 small chairs,
a long storage bench and a hanging "plug-in chandelier"
(the chandelier which will help define the space.)
the office area:
a desk, a chair (which can be pulled into the main 
living area when guests come over),
a floor lamp, bookcase, and shelves above 
the desk for additional storage.
the bedroom area:
the bed, 2 night stands with lamps,
a privacy panel/folding screen

since their budget is tight, i made sure that each 
of these items is very affordable.
they are from places like,, west elm,
 ballard designs, ikea, and cb2.
i made sure to specify items that added some 
personality and texture into the space.
I also felt that making things contrast was important.
for instance, in the office area the desk is white with 
very clean lines, so i suggested a 
darker, more traditional chair with a nailhead trim.
 i believe this type of 
contrast can really help
to make a space more interesting.
 i suggested something similar in the dining area:
very modern, white chairs paired with a wood topped table,
with a damask print drum-shade chandelier hanging above.

**my sister-in law and hubby have already purchased the
clear table (#9), as well as a grey sofa (#15), and a bed.
 it may take a very long time for them to
completely furnish the apartment...
(as in years)
but at least they have a plan.
so,basically what i am saying is:
don't hold your breath for the "after" shot on this one.


  1. I hope your SIL can get this place furnished soon! It will be a fabulous apartment once it is completed, I'm sure! :)

  2. That is wonderful! I love to space plan it is something I have been doing since I was 5 or 6.

    I may have to check out that floor plan program, I miss Cad! (although have you checked out sketch-up? They have a free online version and it is really easy, and similar to cad)

  3. I love what you've done with such a small smace!

    Would you be willing to post your source list?

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  6. I love how this is considered small, theres a walk in wardrobe! Or is that just an American staple?