Dec 12, 2009

roses + pine arrangement on the cheap

my husband and i are attending a christmas party 
at a friends home tonight, 
and this is what i am bringing as a hostess gift.
total cost?

i already had the vase 
(don't we all have a couple of these 
hanging around the house?)
i thought about buying a new vase, 
but my cheap sensible nature kicked in, 
and i decided to go with the one i already had.
plus, i only had 10 minutes until i had to 
pick up the kids at school, 
and the nearest store that had decent vases 
was a few miles away. 

i live close to a grocery store that sells roses 
by the dozen for $6.99.
i love that grocery store.
they also have an olive bar that 
sells pitted kalamata olives. 
and a machine that makes fresh peanut butter.
i spend entirely too much time there.

 i went out into my yard and cut some branches from some evergreen trees.
 my kids have fun digging the 
pine cones out of the snow.
i filled the bottom 
of the vase with pinecones,
stuck the flowers and the evergreen 
branches in the vase,
and nestled a few pine cones among the arrangement.
i've seen arrangement like this at 
floral shops for upwards of $35.
this one was only $7.

i'm linking this post to the inspired room holiday party


  1. OMGoodness! i am sure the hostess was thrilled with the arrangement. gorgeous & natural. love that it is all natural & some of it is from your yard.
    hope you had fun at your party!
    happy weekend.

  2. ok. me again.
    so...i found your blog via the inspired room tour. BUT i saw your work on design sponge the other day. i'll be honest...i never hit the link to actually visit your blog, but i was totally thinking about the chair & office makeover this evening while doing the dishes tonite. then...3 hours later, i happen to visit your blog, and low & behold it's you & your beautiful makeover...
    now that i wrote a book to you...really, i can't believe this. esp. in the large world of blog land. anyways, just thought i would share this with you.
    again, i hope you did have a great party. now, i must read more of your lovely blog.

  3. so pretty and for 7 bucks!
    wish I had some evergreen trees in my backyard!!

  4. this is just gorgeous! i stumbled across your blog from funky junk's blog... and i'm so glad i did... i love your style and ideas!!!