Dec 5, 2009

house #5: powder room before/after

 pansy decals.
they we also on the toilet.
i kick my self for not getting a picture of those babies!
at least they were pretty easy to remove.
here's a closer look at those decals...

when we ripped out the vanity, we realized that the walls 
had been navy blue at some point in time.
and peach before that.
i already had the venetian mirror.
the faucet is the from the victorian collection 
by delta. in chrome finish.
the vanity is by american standard.
i really like this vanity because it has a classic shape, 
more storage than a pedestal sink,
and i love the chrome legs.
since the powder room was right off the foyer, we continued the
checkerboard floors into the space.
i like the mix of the gold frames with all of
the silver and chrome.
the wall color is called
sea pine.
i liked this color so much, that when we finished the basement, we painted all the walls this color.

next week:
before/after pictures of basement.


  1. I give you an A+ for every powder room I've ever seen you renovate. They are always so stunning.

  2. The Venetian mirror is absolutely beautiful! I look forward to each day you share a redo...I'm in awe!

  3. i love that mirror too...or should i say "LOVED".
    yep. i left it in the house when we moved. i'm still mad that i didn't bring it with me! oh well...i guess i just have to look for a replacement.

  4. Ooooh! I want a powder room like this.

  5. What a stunning room ! You left the mirror ?! Oh noooo.....

  6. Tammy,
    i know...i can't believe i left the mirror either! the only good news about that is that i got permission from the husband to buy a replacement...and you can bet it is going to be bigger and better!

  7. I need a interior designer. Let me know if you will work with me.

  8. I love this bathroom so much that I just painted mine the same color, but it looks very "baby blueish". I wanted to confirm that the "sea pine" is Benjamine Moore AC17?

  9. brian,
    yes, the color is sea pine, Benjamin Moore AC 17.
    it is also in the basement of this house.

  10. Love this powder room!! Just wondering what kind of light fixture you had above the venetian mirror?

  11. the light fixture was actually a very inexpensive light that i purchased at lowes. the glass shades were also purchased there, and have tiny bubbles in the glass. i think the entire light fixture cost less than $60.

  12. I figured it was probably something fairly simple so as not to take away from that gorgeous mirror and I was considering a clear glass since that's the only light source. But since I'm totally copying your room, I thought I'd ask...just the mirror and light, then I'm done. Well, minus the floor--I unfortunately still have the same hideous green tile as you started with in my foyer, powder room and yes, even into my kitchen and eating area...I know you feel my pain. I "copied" you PR wall color thinking it would not make the floor stand out so much...just blend in. Oh well, someday it will go away...I hope!??! Thanks for your help and inspiration!!