Dec 31, 2009

here's to sleeping in!

i'm not the biggest fan of new year's eve.
i never have been.
most of the time, i am already asleep by midnight.
party pooper, i know.
but one thing that i do like is the idea that
almost everyone sleeps in the following morning!
there's sort of a delicious laziness to that.
so here's to sleeping in 
in style!

i love the stripes, and the chartreuse band on the bedding.

i'm pretty much in love with any room that has a
dose of black and white
i especially like the mix here
of the bold graphic, and the feminine toile.
and that wall color is so soothing!

beautiful symmetry.
love the headboards.

great color combination!
i love the trio of benches.

so dreamy.
check out the lucite legs on that bench!
and the creamy white lined with shiny silk
is really stunning and soothing at the same time.
and i love the color of that silk.

i would love to wake up here.

such a beautiful color, balanced nicely with
creamy whites and yummy texture.
which bedroom would 
you most want to wake up in?


  1. All different styles and all beautiful. The last image with the blue tufted headboard has to be my favorite.

  2. Difficult to pick a favorite! I like them all!
    I do love the sign above the bed...whole heart for my whole life... awesome :)

  3. Ooh. .. black and white softened with blue. I love it.