Dec 30, 2009

sources for studio apartment

well hello!
i have had several requests for the 
sources for the furnishings 
in the studio apartment idea board.
here they are!

1 sofa 
3 buffet
4 bookcase  
7 desk 
16 headboard 
17 bench 
18 tiled mirror

happy shopping!
even if it's just "virtual" shopping...
it's still fun, isn't it?


  1. My sister sent me to look at your blog and especially the house you recently left. :( I have spent the last 30 min perusing your blog and loving it! Your renovation on Treyburn Dr is amazing! Thanks for sharing the pictures. May God bless you in 2010!

  2. angie,
    in all my clicking around cyber-world, i cannot for the life of me remember where 12 and 19 came from! but i believe that 12 might have come from not really sure where 19 is from. there is a similar mirror to 19 at (it's not cheap though!) most of the pillows are from etsy.