Dec 3, 2009

house #5: dining room/library before/after

once again, this room was just a little...boring.
but, it had nice "bones"--a tray ceiling, great windows
with transoms and plenty of space.
we replaced the carpet with hardwood...
and the started applying a
grid pattern to the wall.
we also removed the casings and baseboards, 
and replaced both with a more
square profile in order to tie-in with the grid.

the paint really transformed this room.
and here is the almost
i call this an "almost after" because this room was
 never quite finished to me. 
we were planning to buy some
new furniture for the space,
add trim to the window treatments 
and purchase a rug....
since we do not use a formal dining room very often, we decided to let this space
  function as a library as well. 
we had the bookcases built and painted the same color as the wall in order to appear more built-in.
the chandelier was purchased on ebay.
the window treatments are simple, pinch-pleat panels,
made from a single width of dupioni silk.
they are hung from the cheapest (as in $3) brass-look rod that i could find at
walmart. i figured, the rod wasn't going to be seen at all--and i would rather spend my money elsewhere.
the silk panels are from village
they ares ingle width of "antique" silk,
lined, with modified flair pleat tops.
a close up look at the grid on the wall.
i really only got to enjoy this
 house for about 9 months...
i think i would love the repeat this treatment 
in the next house we remodel.
the paint color is
paris rain by benjamin moore.
it's a muted grey/green. 
very soothing.

before/after pictures of the study!


  1. Love this room, well really all the rooms I have seen on your blog! You are sooo talented! Gonna check out this color in real life!

  2. It's really beautiful. Did you find that the grid pattern made the room appear larger?

  3. jan,

    while i don't feel that the trim make the room look much larger, it did accomplish what i wanted it to do--and that was to add some character to that vanilla room! i had seen a picture in a magazine of a trim detail that was very similar, and fell in love. i really felt like it gave the room some architectural interest and loved the contrast of the linear trim to the more ornate chandelier and the silk curtain panels.

  4. Outstanding job. I would love to use that wall panel treatment someday.

  5. Stunning! Amazing how a moulding can complete transform a room. Your paint selection is classic. Nice work!

  6. How talented you are. Your vision is incredible.

  7. love,love,love,love the grid on the wall! That made the room!

  8. If you don't mind, what is the wall color?

  9. the paint is called "paris rain" by ben moore!

  10. Autumn, I just "discovered" your blog last week and am smitten with your fabulously beautiful decorating. You are a creative genius and a whirlwind of energy. What did you and your husband use to create the grid; e.g. 1 x 2 MDF?

  11. I think you need to send me the old chandelier!
    lol...very elegant love your style

    how much did you pay for the new one?

  12. hi kay!
    we used "poplar...a 1x3", and then a "profiled scribe molding" on each side.
    i hope this helps! i am totally quoting my husband!

  13. I'm sorry, I meant the other color (the ceiling color). All the trim is and woodwork is Paris Rain, but once again if you don't mind, what was the ceiling color you used to go with the Paris Rain.

  14. i believe the ceiling color is "linen sand" 2151-60.

  15. I am so glad I found your blog! I love your remodel of this room! The grid work on the walls is gorgeous! We have the same color dupioni silk curtains in our living room. I'll be back for more. :)