Dec 9, 2009


oh, pomanders.
 my nemesis.
i have yet to try my second attempt to make a pomander.
my first attempt didn't go so well.
you see, when i was first "at home" with my oldest daughter, i saw a  picture in a magazine of  a beautiful christmas tree decorated with pomanders. i loved the subdued color and natural look it gave the tree. i thought they would be super easy to make, so i bought a huge bag of oranges, some cloves, and went to town. they looked great when i was finished. then, i put them in a plastic bag to *dry*, while we went out of town to visit my husbands parents. i giggled to myself, thinking of how perfect and pretty they would be, after they had a long weekend to dry. but instead of a bag of beautifully preserved pomanders, i ended up with a stinky bag of moldy oranges.
lesson learned.
i guess they need *air* to dry.
hmm...who knew?
i have wanted to make these again, i just haven't got up the nerve yet.
afraid i'll end up with another batch of moldy ornages on my hands!

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