Dec 21, 2010

a touch of christmas

it's not too late...
sometimes just the slightest touch of christmas 
can make a room feel
festive and ready for the holidays!
 a simple arrangement in a mirrored container is 
 an elegant and understated touch in this beautiful room.
on a side you think that santa could fit a coffered
 ceiling and a three tiered venetian glass chandelier 
down the chimney for me? 
i've been really good this year...
 this is such a stunning and elegant display. i love the play of the very angular vases with the soft frilliness of the flowers. are those orchids? whatever they are, they're gorgeous.
 so much prettiness and texture to 
look at in this image.
 giant candles + pine cones + greenery?
simplicity delivers here.
 isn't this a welcoming picture?
just the touch of the pine cones and the evergreen in the floral arrangement lets you know it's the holidays! and that a few lucky people are about to enjoy a festive little feast.
so fresh and thrown together looking...
and yet so pretty.
 ok, you caught me. this was taken from a pottery barn catalog, a few years back. but i have always loved the ides of using a hollowed out birch log as a vase for some fresh greenery.
 there is a dr. seuss-ian quality to these simple tabletop decorations that i adore.
i love the little sprigs of greenery in the chandelier.
and the christmas tree is so classic and pretty.
i really love this image.
i love the simplicity of it.
just a little touch of red + green can really transform ANY room.
isn't this one elegant?
all the white and silver are just GORGEOUS.
i love the flower arrangements on the mantle--it's so DO-able.
and it wouldn't cost a gazillion dollars...but the impact is HUGE.
i love the details in this room...
the greek key trim on the chair, the beamed ceilings, 
the pattern on the rug...
and or course, the little touches of christmas.
it's those little touches that make a house welcoming and warm.
especially at christmastime.


  1. i am drooling over the Jacobean table!!!

    merry merry x

  2. Beautiful doll! They all have the slightest touches of Christmas, but you get a real feel of warmth & love in the settings.

    Merry Christmas.