Dec 7, 2010

holiday mantles part 1

some of my faves:
this mantle is so simple and beautiful.
i am a total sucker for mercury glass...and love it mixed with gold and fresh greenery.
isn't the color of these pears pretty?
(and how glam is that built-in  decked out in metallic paint?)
the fresh grapes add a nice touch.
LOVE this.
in fact, i love it so much that i am making my
own variation of it. 
i will be sharing SOON.
fresh red amaryllis really make this mantle display special.
fresh garland + lights + pinecones + ribbon = pretty.
i liked the rustic feel of this one.
ok, this one is a little over the top, 
but i loved the fact that garlic bulbs were used 
on this wreath and mantle.
very unique...
not only pretty, but  it serves the dual purpose of
scaring away any lurking vampires.


  1. I had to laugh about your vampire comment as that is the first thing that crossed my mind too. I really like the mantel with the pears - so pretty and I agree the gold built-in shelves are gorgeous!

  2. Love the one with the red blooms, so pretty.

  3. thanks for the chuckle about the vampires. all I could think of was the smell of the heated garlic wafting thru the house. great at mealtime. not so great at other times. maybe it isnt close enough to do anything. afterall, I am in S Texas, what do I know about fireplaces? :D

  4. Gorgeous pictures-so classy! I can't wait to see the garland you create!

  5. haha love it.. except i sort of love vampires so the garlic one wouldn't be good for me!

  6. That second to the last image is my favorite. I have to admit I would have never have thought to use garlic on the mantel :-). Have a great day, Autumn!

  7. Ha, my thoughts exactly when I saw the garlic! I really like the "swags" of crystal, I would love to do this look in my home! Maybe next year...

  8. Wonderful selection of pictures--elegant-festive-truely delightful Sherron