Dec 13, 2010

using fruit in holiday displays

one easy way to incorporate some color
into you holiday decor is by using fruit.
fruit is readily available and comes in
so many shapes, sizes and colors, and makes for
some pretty stunning arrangements and displays
when mixed with flowers and greenery.
i love the look of these fruit pyramids.
the addition of the pine fills in the gaps between the fruit, and would smell wonderful. this one!
i love the lemon and lime stripes.
it has such a clean and festive look.
i thought this one was so elegant and unique.
and so fitting, since the pineapple is the symbol of hospitality.
the colors in this fruit pyramid are 
so earthy and rich looking.
wouldn't these colors translate nicely into a stunning room?
i have no clue what that fruit is
but i love the color and texture.
any body out there know what it is?

this tabletop display is so simple and welcoming. 
the addition of the candles in the middle 
of the ring of pears is so nice.
here are some simple pictures to show how 
this display was constructed...

the oranges + the evergreen
the smooth lemon leaves is divine, 
and the milk glass container is such a great contrast 
to the colorful fruit and greenery.
and how easy would it be to throw this together? 
another super simple display to whip up at the last minute.
get some pears, apples, ornaments and ribbon and toss them into a
pretty footed glass bowl and you are done!
wouldn't this look great with green pears, 
green apples and some limes?
this one is so quirky and colorful!
im not sure what the "ingredients" are to this arrangement, 
but i know it's pretty to look at!
(kumquats? some type of variegated greenery...
and is that some type of tulip?)
here is the "big brother" to the previous arrangement.
(all from charlottes moss's home---
i posted the matching mantle display last week.)
love the pine cones + kumquats + ranuculus + roses.
it's such a departure from what we normally see
at the holidays, and i think that's what makes it 
so special and fun.
i actually just finished transforming 
my plain costco wreath with
some nuts,  
 pine cones,
chandelier crystals, 
and LIMES.
as soon as i take some pictures, 
i will show you how it turned out!


  1. Amazing pictures! I love the grape that look like a pineapple!


  2. So pretty....I need some silver platters now. :)

  3. all are so pretty! i especially love the pears :)

    can't wait to see your wreath~

  4. I wouldn't have thought of that, but how cute and creative!

  5. Oh my gosh, thank you for sharing such good ideas! The lemon/lime one is GORGEOUS, and the pear centerpiece really does look so doable...

  6. Very swanky, they are all so elegant.

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  8. The name of that fruit is lychee. It is very sweet and tastes like grapes.
    Love your blog! :)