Dec 11, 2010

where i was last night...

... at the bloggers social at 
alice lane.
i had such a great time!
above are kirsten from 
and jessica, the owner of alice lane.
i've "known" kirsten for almost a year,
but this was the first time we have officially met.
she is just as sweet and kind and stylish in person as
i thought she would be...and she is so darn cute i want
to stick her in my purse and carry her around with me.
among others, i also got to meet:
holly and kristen from alice lane
jenna from design sparrow
shelly from house of smiths
char from crap i've made
it was so great to be able to meet some of these talented and
amazing ladies. i had a fabulous time chatting and comparing notes
and snacking on the yummy food.
thank you kirsten and jess and the staff 
at alice lane for a wonderful evening!


  1. ahhhhh..... That is so sweet. I am smiling from ear to ear. Thanks so much for you nice words. And I would gladly crawl into your purse someday :) thanks so much for coming and your jam is so yummy!!

  2. That sounds like so much fun. Living in Ohio I have yet to meet any other decorating bloggers.

  3. Sooo much FUN! And you are AMAZING...I had the best time chatting with you, really I am so glad we met :) Kisses!


  4. Autumn nice to meet you too. Love you blog.
    April-Living the Sweet Life