Dec 16, 2010

my costco wreath makeover

this year, i decided i wanted a
natural look for my outdoor decor.
i love to have a fresh wreath on my door, 
so i started with a basic wreath from costco that i purchased for $14.99

to makeover this wreath i used:
about 20 nuts 
(walnuts, hazelnuts. brazil nuts, and almonds 
purchased in the bulk bin at walmart.
5 limes
some crystals from an old chandelier
small gold ball ornaments
pine cone clusters
(already on the wreath, i just repositioned them)
i removed the three "berry" clusters and 
the three pine cone clusters from the wreath. 
i drilled holes trough the bottom portion of the nuts, and wired them as shown.
as soon as i had a grouping of nuts, i wired the
"stems together to make a cluster.
(*warning*--it is very difficult to drill a hole in 
a nut...especially the walnuts! i have several 
battle scars on my hands and fingers...
i'm just saying--be careful!)
i took 3-4 small chandelier crystals
and wired them as well,
and added them to the nut clusters.
to attach the limes, i poked each one with a
wooden skewer, and then put floral wire through them.
(floral wire is available in most craft stores in 
the floral section. i bought a bag of about 15,
in 12" lengths for about $2)
to attach each item to the wreath,
i used the wire "stems", 
and also wrapped them with additional wire 
for more security.

i like the contrast of
all the natural elements and the crystals!
i am thrilled with the way it turned out.
it makes me smile every time 
i walk in my front door.
oh, i also made a garland out of
nuts and
chandelier crystals
and some chain
to adorn the fresh cedar garland that
i have around my front door!
 i will be posting pictures
and a tutorial tomorrow.


  1. what a beautiful wreath and I love the idea of wiring on the various nuts - so pretty! :) love your blog btw

  2. Oh, how beautiful! I love the combination of everything you used. And the garland looks gorgeous too.

  3. Dang, I just hung two of these wreaths on my doors(as they came), and now you make me want to take them down and accessorize them! Yours look so beautiful, I love what you did with them. Especially with the snow in the background, just makes it even more festive!

  4. Stunning Wreath! I love how you used the nuts...never seen that before. Looks like your front door is all ready for Christmas!

  5. I never would have thought of drilling through a nut. It looks great!

  6. It's beautiful Autumn I love the natural look at Christmas time.

  7. Really cute, I love what a little something something can give the whole look of a wreathe.

  8. How pretty, I love fresh or fresh looking greeny. It's pretty amazing how an average store bought wreath can be brought to life with a few simple touches.

  9. Beautiful! Love the nuts, so cool on the garland!

  10. How cute! I love it and waht a good idea to use nuts on the wreath

  11. The addition of the limes caught my attention! Love this...really beautiful.

  12. Ths is beautiful! I seriously love it so much. If I was the one why decorated our house for the holidays I would totally try and recreate something like it but unfortunately my mom already has one hanging on the door. :( Bummer, but maybe i'll pass this along to her for next year.