Dec 14, 2010

crafty pretties

some of my favorite 
crafty pretties 
i've spotted recently:
i would love to make a paper garland like this.
the colors in this are so festive!
if i knew how to knit or crochet, 
would make these jam jar cosies 
via dottie angel in a heartbeat!
i am so loving the fun stitched details in red.
wouldn't this be easy to pull off?
a whole garland of these would be fabulous!
(via west elm)
i also love these yarn wrapped trees and pom poms
simple meets chic.
(and how CHEAP would these be to make?!)
(via west elm)
at over $400, there is no way this incredible "nest" 
from anthropologie will ever grace the 
top of my tree, but i think it would be a fun
and relatively  simple diy project.
i may just attempt it...
next year.
(i know, i know, i always say that!)


  1. How lovely! I do adore that antropologie piece.. but much too pricey for me!

  2. I wish I had more time to be crafty! The paper tassel to die for! Did you get my email...I am dying for you to join me :)

  3. LOVE the paper garland...and too funny, I just took a break from applying newspaper to branches for an article I'm is easy AND tedious! Janell

  4. This is a great round-up of crafts. Yes make that crown..out of anybody you would make it and make it beautifully.

  5. I love that nest too, just gorgeous! The jar cozies are so sweet, I crochet but I would still probably make them out of old sweaters that I felt and cut up, so much easier! Theresa xoxo

  6. Some wonderful items..thank you for sharing. Being the doll artist that I am..I do believe the nest would be a great DIY project but I'm
    thinking woodland faery crown..LOL!!!