Dec 8, 2010

holiday mantles part 2

a few more inspiring holiday mantlescapes:
i'm pretty sure this mantle is from the home of charlotte moss.
i love those HUGE pine cones!
i actually have a whole tub full of huge
pinecones from allen's grandmother's backyard 
in alabama. i picked them up about 6 years
ago and pull them out every christmas.
they aren't as big as these suckers though...
the deep, almost copper/gold and soft silver/pearl ornaments
are a sophisticated color choice.
i love the bright colors of this mantle.
(also from charlotte's moss's home)
the orange and yellow look so festive and cheerful 
with the greenery.
and i am loving the fresh limes, lemon leaves and tangerines!
even if this mantle was u-g-l-y, i still would have posted it
 because of those amazing hounds tooth walls! 
what can i say, i am easily 
swayed by stripes and hounds tooth.
but, of course, the mantle IS gorgeous...
it has this glamorous woodsy feel 
that i think is stunning.
can you imagine having a mantle like this?
dripping with fresh flowers?
(and check out the arrangements on the tables!)
it's breathtaking. i think i might have one JUST like
this next year...i'll just tell the kids that 
instead of christmas presents,
mommy is going to have a REALLY pretty mantle. 
i'm sure they won't mind...
so, so classic. and so pretty.
i love the green clusters of's just perfect.
SO gorgeous and SO simple...
it looks like magnolia leaves and some pears.
of course, to pull of this kind of simple look, it really helps
that the entire room is elegant and beautiful.
FUN, festive and just darling.
i love all the shades of green together.
this is from a catalog, but i just had to post it.
it's literally dripping with ornaments.
very opulent and pretty, and the green + copper 
look great together.
ahh...don't you just love christmas decorations?

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  1. I love Christmas mantles. My favorite in this group is the one with painting of the ocean.