Dec 28, 2010

free + pretty calendar

when elle from swircheroom contacted me about her
free printable calendar, 
i decided to take a peek...
and i loved what i saw:

cute + free = happiness.
get yours here.
thanks elle!
(on a side note---i just can't seem to
stay away, can i??)


  1. Great idea! Thanks for sharing. Would be great if I could somehow hook it up with my goggle calendar. Are you just hand printing your events on it?
    Mary Ann

  2. How funny...I had the exact same idea and I created mine on word, but I am just not pleased with it and am trying to make it better. It is a pin-up calendar of my silly cats...I have 4. We'll see if I finish it by Thurs. Thanks so much for sharing this one by's lovely!

  3. hey Autumn, thank you so much for this feature! :) Much appreciated. Happy New Year to you!

    and thanks ladies, glad you like it. :)

  4. I love these calendars, such wonderful design! Love your blog too, just found it!