Dec 9, 2010

holiday house

ever buy a magazine because of one spread?
i remember standing in the checkout line at the
grocery store around christmastime
2 years ago, and picking up one of those 
overpriced "ideas for christmas" magazines.
i had no intentions on buying it...really, i didn't.
until i saw this house:
and into my cart it went.
 LOVE, love, how they cut their trees into "topiaries".
must. copy. someday.
and wouldn't you love to find that rug under the
christmas tree? and those chairs? and that mirror?
there are so many festive ideas 
crammed into this house!
this is a great idea to add some holiday color to your house:
just add a strip of fabric on top of your sofa or chair!
great colors on that suzani pillow!
and i so love the mix of furniture and accessories in this home.
 this is another great idea...
the modern white chairs, painted antique table and
touches of blue in this room are fabulous.
i really love the gold mixed with the deep blue.
 these hurricanes were etched with some 
contact paper and glass etching solution.
an easy diy project.
a detail from the back of the chair.
this particular "overpriced christmas idea magazine"
was worth every penny.


  1. I agree with you, definitley worth the price. What a beautiful and sophisticated look for Christmas. Loved it all thanks for sharing,Kathysue

  2. so worth every penny...I agree...i'll have to try that topiary christmas tree idea one year...that's just too great.

  3. I adore this house! So glad you shared!!!!

  4. I remember that spread. I was so in love with the curtain fabric!

  5. Autumn, I snipped that VERY spread and I was just looking at it! It is a favorite...I just love everything about the was a small, old townhouse somewhere. LOVE.