Dec 20, 2010

christmas traditions

hi friends! 
i hope you got a lot done this weekend.
can you believe that christmas is
just a few days away?
me neither.
no matter how ready i think i am,
christmas always seems to sneak up on me.
this morning, i am over at

telling a little about a few of my families
christmas traditions. i met amanda last week
at the alice lane bloggers social, and we hit it off
immediately. we spent a majority of the night,
talking and comparing notes and laughing.
it was a blast.
so, of course i was thrilled to be part of
her christmas traditions series.
check it out here.


  1. I LOVE your garland on the last post. I also loved reading about your traditions. Mary was always the prized role in our family..but we were almost all girls.

  2. I loved reading your post! (I left my comment over there). Have an awesome day!