Mar 11, 2011

10 ways to use garden stools

using garden stools inside has been a popular trend lately.
and no wonder...these fun little ceramic stools can be used 
in a variety of ways, and play well with all kinds
 of styles and room layouts.
take a look:

i can't believe i don't own one yet!
i think i would use mine in a master bathroom,
as a place to set some towels or bubble bath...

images via, decorpad, bunny williams, timothy whealon, odi et amo,
lonny, bonestreet trout hall, palmer weiss, mary mcdonald.


  1. Do you have any idea where to source the canvas "boxes" as shown in the shelving unit in the kids room (the one w/ the big teddy bear)? I would like to do something like than in my office.

  2. the container store, world market or pier 1 are always great places to look for these kinds of things..
    best of luck!

  3. I love my ceramic stool. I never thought of placing it in the bathroom - thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I read your title as "Garden Tools" and was saying to myself, "I only see garden stools!" Oops! :)

    Theses stools all look so lovely in their respective rooms. I can't imagine using them outside! Great post!

  5. jodi...
    hee TOOLS.
    that make me chuckle.

  6. Thanks for showing all of the fun ways these can be used! I'd love to get one for my home to use as a side table to my chair...just waiting for a great price!

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  8. try hable construction online- they have great fabric storage boxes

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