Mar 22, 2011

more kitchens

more pictures from my stash...
at first glance, this kitchen is very traditional.
a closer look reveals some very unusual details...
a completely open and mobile island/work-table,
a wall of windows above the countertop
a vintage metal shelf holding cook wear to the left of the stove
and a completely freestanding range.
my favorite detail is the light fixture.

these open stainless steel shelves are magnificent.
yeah, that's right, magnificent.
not a word to throw around lightly, but these shelves really are amazing.

i have seen this image online before,
and always loved the happy pops of red.
the detail on the hood also catches my eye...
it's a pattern you would see in a stained glass window,
but it's in wood.
love it.
i will always love checkerboard floors. 
the vintage charm in this kitchen oozes out of every detail.
i love the shelf over the kitchen window
and the little mug shelf to the right of the sink is great.
and i LOVE me some built-ins!
these long drawers are the perfect way to take advantage
of the space under this banquette. notice how the drawers
have dividers in them, so things stay organized? 
ok, so this really isn't a kitchen, but i had to post it anyway,
because you get a great view into the kitchen in this image.
i love the mix of countertops....wood and concrete,
adn the three pendants over the island are the perfect
accent to the dark walls and floors.
i like light fixtures to have some sparkle to them...

all pictures are scanned by by me. some of these have been in my stash of 
"pictures to scan" for years, and i apologize for not having sources for each one.


  1. stunning. i love the dark richness of that last photo...I feel like taking up residence there just for a while. ;)

  2. Thanks for featuring my kitchen!

    Stay tuned for my website to be updated for on line selling!

    And my blog too!

    Monique keegan (enjoy co)

  3. I love those checkerboard floors also. They have such a nostalgic feel to them.

    Suzy xxx

  4. I *puffy heart* the checkerboard floors and the schoolhouse light fixtures!

  5. Los cajones bajos los bancos me parecen geniales...

  6. Where can I get those dining room benches? I have searched and can't find anything like them.

  7. Thank you for sharing this collection of yours. These kitchens are so amazing and several readers will certainly learn so much from these designs. I love how spacious the first example is. I also love the popping red colors of the third, and the floor and built-ins of the fourth. Again, thank you for this post.