Mar 18, 2011

pillow talk

early in the year, i was talking with tara, a good friend of mine,
who also happens to be an amazing seamstress/designer. 
she had just opened an etsy shop, and i was telling
her about how i love to use etsy as a resource when
designing rooms. little touches like art prints or photographs
or great pillows really add so much personality to a space.
and so, i talked tara into adding some pillows to her shop.
i have wanted to make some pillows from 
kelly wearstler's gordian weave fabric,
but you don't want to hand over fabric that retails 
for over $400 a yard to just anybody.
i knew tara would do this
amazing fabric justice!
tara and i have collaborated on 
projects in the past and she has sewed many things for me,
and i know that she is meticulous
and always does great work, and her pillows are 
no exception. she has just added lots of amazing, 
well-made pillows to her shop, and will be adding
more over the coming days. here are a few items
that her pillows feature:
hidden zippers:

surged interior seams:
surging the interior seams helps to prevent
fraying, and gives a nice, finished look.
while it's not a necessity
for a "designer" or quality pillow,
i personally love the added texture
and interest that a welting adds to the edge of
a pillow. it looks especially nice when
the welting is done in a contrasting fabric. 
be sure to visit tara's etsy shop:
for WELL-made designer pillows
at affordable prices.
check it out:

these gordian weave pillows will go fast,
and she only has a handful of them.
as you can probably tell from the pictures,
the texture on this fabric is stun----ing.
if you have ever wanted a dose of this
amazing fabric in your home, act fast.
have a great weekend every body!


  1. Thanks for the recommendation! Her work is great as is her fabric selection! Love your blog, too!

  2. what a lovely selection. =)

  3. I'll definitely be checking this out. One issue I've had with ordering pillows from Etsy, and I've ordered several this year, is that the seller will often show just the front of the pillow and when it is delivered the back is covered in an inexpensive white fabric with an envelope back. I'm willing to spend more for the finishing touches like welting and hidden zippers.

  4. Um, yes please I'll take one a'each!!!! LOVE them loads!

  5. I love all the patterns and designs of the pillows! It's gorgeous!

  6. A beautiful sampling!!! Thanks for the recommendation - there are so many talented people on etsy but it's hard to know where the best craftsmanship is - great lead!

  7. Thanks for the tip, love the detail work.

  8. Beautiful work. I have just started using the invisible zippers in my pillows also. I love the sleek look.Your friend is very talented. Everything is so neat and matches beautifully. Tell her "Bravo"!

  9. Wow, those are amazing pillows. When we move in a few months I will definitely be checking back at her etsy shop to get me some!

  10. This is fabulous....I have to bookmark this.