Mar 23, 2011

ikea hack attack

i recently completed an e-design plan for candace, 
my sister-in-law, nicole's sister.
she is an avid diy-er, and requested that the room be on a pretty tight budget,
and so of course, i turned to ikea for a few items,
including some night stands.

the rast chest of drawers is super affordable,
(29.99), and made of real wood, which i really like.

our inspiration piece is the elisabeth bedside table from oly studio,
which retails for a smooth $1600.

here is a peek at the elevation of the bed wall,
as well as a quick sketch that i drew.
 the overall plan:
new top cut and edges routed.
new legs built.
curved elements and framing added to front.
we aren't going to do any silver leafing....
instead, the whole thing is going to be painted a
soft dark blue-green:
benjamin moore's
dartsmouth green 691.

you can track the progress of the room...
candace and nicole are blogging about it here.


  1. Great idea! I can't wait to see how it turns out. I may have to try this one myself.

  2. Omg great ikea! Love this hack! Already added their blog to my google reader so that I can follow their progress.

  3. The dressers are assembled and ready to finish! Thanks for the creative idea Autumn! :)

  4. Shut up!! What a tease of a post. Now I am dying (DYING) to see the result! Who could resist clicking over with an intro like that. :)

  5. I'm off to check it out! I bet it's going to turn out fabulous! Great ideas and beautiful sketches!

  6. Great looking plan, off to see more. These ikea dressers are great for reinventions! Janell

  7. I love it! I think I need to hack something ...

  8. Fascintating! Another great design! The headboard is very similar to the one our upholsterer is making. We need bedside tables. I will be following along!

  9. I am so excited because A. we use the rast dressers as our bedside tables in our room already and B. I just painted them a similar color! I can't wait to hear what I should do next :)

  10. I absolutely cannot wait to see this!!!!