Mar 28, 2011

confessions of a designer

be sure the check out kirstens new series:
starting today, and everyday this week, several designers,
including MOI will be answering some interesting questions about 

working with a designer.
Abbe from Studio ten 25

i am thrilled to be in the company of such amazing and talented
designers + bloggers, and i think this series will be informative and
take some of the fear that people have of working with
an interior designer.

also,  thanks to brianne for featuring me on her blog last friday.
she asked me some pretty interesting questions, and if you want
to see my answers, click here.


  1. Absolutely loved your guestpost!!! You had my heart at your list of designers and we were best blogging buddies after you picked Sarah as your fave designer...(c: Happy Monday!

  2. aubrey!
    yay! i need all the nest blogging buddies i can get!

  3. So exciting. You have been producing some fabulous stuff as of late..even though I have failed to comment. Anyway my talented friend I can't wait to see what you have to share with us over on 6th Street.

    xx - CB

  4. I can attest to the any buget thing. I could only afford Autumn for an hour and WOW!! Money well spent. I am just hoping to be able to do it again on other rooms in my house.

  5. Autumn, just saw this and it sounds fun. I hope I can keep up with following you around. :) - Jennifer

  6. Hi Autumn, Enjoyed your feature over at 6th Street :)