Mar 30, 2011

hello, yellow

one of the most difficult transitions for me in moving 
from the south to the west is the
weather during SPRING. in tennessee, the leaves are  
budding on the trees, the grass 
is green, and the flowers are all in bloom. 
here in utah, it snowed on monday.
however, one of the bright spots of my day yesterday, 
was when i spotted the first burst of a 
yellow forsythia bush, just down the street.
it made me so happy! and i know that although spring in tennessee
is a few weeks ahead of us will eventually make it's way to utah.
 today i thought i would post some pretty things
that can give your home a burst of happy yellow:

yellow pagoda chandelier
(yeah, i know this is a total budget buster, but with some
yellow spray paint, and some careful watching on ebay, you
could get a similar look for a  fraction of the cost)

katsugi fabric.
(oh, how i would love to see some
roman shades made from this fabric
in the kitchen window of house #6!)

benjamin moore's showtime 923

here's to hoping spring hurries up and 
gets here already!!


  1. I know how you feel, I grew up in N. Va and after school in UT, I am living in CO with my family b/c my husband grew up here. There's no real 'spring', just winter, then summer. Thanks for the spot of yellow. :)

  2. it's good to know i am not alone!
    virginia is BEAUTIFUL! it's near the top of my list of "places i would LOVE to live".

  3. We've been getting teased with Spring here in SC. Today it's just raining and gross though. Maybe its just that spring is in the air but lately I've been loving yellow! I don't have any of it in my house and all of a sudden I want it everywhere!

  4. I love yellow right now especially because I'm in the mood for spring. Thanks for all the beautiful images! That fabric is gorgeous.

  5. I think this post is a definite sign. We have just done a whole downstairs reno and I have chosen a very neutral palette which I love, except I have been VERY drawn to this goldenrod yellow color for the eat-in part of my kitchen. I have debated myself about it, looked at no less than 1000 pictures and decided to sleep on you are posting the very color I am is a sign, I tell you, a sign.

  6. Love the yellow! You know what I'm seeing here in GA lately? A lot of purple and lavenders! I just want to paint a room a shade of purple!

  7. I know what you mean, the temps here in Madison, WI are still below freezing at night and have not topped 49 during the day! The forsythia is always a hopeful sign and I LOVE your yellow picks!