Mar 5, 2011

cork board map

my latest project for the den:
one of the things that was really difficult about moving
 across the country from most of our family, 
was that i knew that my kids would not get to see 
their grandparents,aunts, uncles and cousins 
nearly as much as we had grown accustomed to.
i dreamed up this cork board map 
as a way for my kids to visualize where 
all of our family members live, 
as well as locate important places, 
such as where they were born,
and our favorite places to visit.
eventually, we will add more pins, 
(maybe even with little pictures)
of places we have been together as a family.
 nicole did such an amazing job of translating my dream, 
and a few sketches into reality.
nicole, who also happens to be my sister in law, is amazingly talented,
and can literally cut ANYTHING out of wood,
and the projects that she and candace continually
whip up never cease to amaze and inspire me.
i LOVE the way it turned out.
thanks aunt nicole!

i'm linking this project to:


  1. Autumn I love it! How funny: please go see my latest post on my blog. :) It's called the World as Art.

  2. Yay! It's looks great against the blue! Candy called me to come look and I'm so glad! Thanks always for the "love"!

  3. I am really liking the look of this, particularly the relief aspect of it! Janell

  4. What a great idea...this would work well to help my kids conceptualize where places and people are at.

  5. well, i've looked very closely at all of those slips over here in the east, and i don't see a tag for "jacksons" very best friends ever. you are SO in trouble.

  6. LOVE. Tutorial? Miles is obsessed with maps-he would love this.

  7. My husband is in the Army and we have family in a couple states. I love this idea.

  8. Someone very ambitious could do the entire globe on a wall for a child's room. Wouldn't that be a fun way to teach your kids about world geography?

    Just shared this on my Facebook page.

  9. thanks everyone!
    this is one of those little projects that i have been wanting to do forever.
    thank goodness for nicole!
    i don't have a tutorial on this project because i didn't "make" it....but nicole at crafty sisters has some basic instructions on her blog.

  10. I love that map - what a fabulous idea to layer the cork to show the elevation (can you tell that I'm a Geography major). I have to add this to my inspiration page. Maybe one day I'll make a Canadian or a world version. It is a fantastic way to remember family and friends and holiday destinations.

  11. I love this and would love something like this. We are a military family so extended family is not near and is spread out too. And I currently homeschool, so it would be great for that too.

  12. love it. i've been wanting a map to document family trips. this is great.

  13. Way to go Nicole! I love this.

    I certainly hope the Stratfords in NY are on that map!

  14. This is beautiful and I love how it is interactive at the same time. I was inspired by this same shape and created a way to save my daughter's artwork.

    Now you've got me thinking about cork. :)

  15. Visiting from Kimbas! This is amazing! I loooove the 3-D element!! Awesome job! :)

  16. Lovely blog. Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas!!

  17. This is so awesome! I love the layers. I included a photo and link in a post I just wrote. Thanks for the inspiration!