Mar 31, 2011

making bedskirts better

having a custom bedskirt made, or making one your self?
here are two tips to make your bedskirt better:
consider buying an additional flat sheet that either matches or coordinates with the fitted sheet on the bed, to use  
as the decking for the bedskirt. 
when the covers are off, or the bedskirt slips out of place,
it will still look great!
(these photos are from my son, gradys room.
his sheets are ralph lauren's aragon collection,
and were purchased at marshalls)
line your bedkskirts.
just like in window treatments, lining helps a bedskirt to hang better and gives a more finished look.
 (the duvet, bedskirt and large plaid pillow were made by my friend tara.)
a view of grady's room.
and just for kicks--here are some of the
weird poses that i have found my little
man in....

how is this comfortable?
looking at these always makes me laugh!


  1. It's beautiful. I've done many a bedskirt for my GC. I use duct tape .... GC always wanting a redo to their rooms.

  2. I love that he crosses his legs while he is sleeping! hilarious.

    I need to pay a bit of attention to my bed skirt..put it on without ironing it and it's a crying shame that it is down there looking scruffy when everything else is looking lovely.

    thnx for the great tips Autumn!

  3. One thing that has always turned me off of bedskirts is how messy they can look. Great tips. Do any retailers actually sell lined ones or is that a custom made feature generally?

  4. Those pics of Grady make me smile too!His room is still one of my all time fav boy rooms.

  5. Great tips and the pics of your little guy sleeping are hilarious!

  6. Haha, I love how little kids sleep! How do they not wake up with aches and pains? Thanks for the great idea on bedskirts! A messy bed is my number one pet peeve and this will definitely help!

  7. karen, i think lining is more of a custom feature...of course, i usually don't shop at places that sell $400 bedskirts so you might also be able to find this feature in high end retail bedding...