Aug 9, 2011


today is my fifteen year wedding anniversary.
funny how when you first get married, you struggle to understand how your relationship will deepen and evolve as you work together to overcome obstacles and differences. marriage is an amazing journey that takes w-o-r-k and nourishment, and lots of sacrifice. it can be the most aggravating and yet incredibly rewarding experience many of us will ever undertake.
when i was a little girl, i dreamed of marrying a smart, funny, patient, kind man that would be an amazing father. my husband is all that and more...SO much more. he makes me laugh every single day, is an incurable optimist, the life of the party, the family "safety freak" and has been called the "worlds best t-ball coach" by the parents of the team he has coached the last two years. i am proud to claim him as my own.

every year, we get away together on or near our anniversary. sometimes, it is a fabulous muti-night getaway, and other times, it has been a quick one night stay somewhere close to home. as our 15 year anniversary approached, we discussed the possibility of going to italy, but soon realized that the timing wasn't quite right.  instead, we have decided to go to hawaii.
neither of us has ever been, and it is somewhere we have wanted to visit for years. we will be going in mid september (got a great deal on plane tickets), and i am SO looking forward to it!

here are a few other the places we have been on past anniversary celebrations:

year 2:
southern california.
(stayed with my brother. not very romantic. but free.)

year 5:
charleston, sc
(hampton inn historic district)

year 7:
riveria maya, mexico
(royal hideaway)

year 9:
kennebunkport, maine
(yahtsman lodge)

year 10:
the florida keys (key west, isla morada, little torch key)
(the gardens hotel, casa morada, little palm island)

year 11:
sea island, geogia.
(the cloister)

year 14:
mc call, idaho
(shore lodge)
happy anniversary, sweetie.
i look forward to many, many more adventures with you.


  1. Happy anniversary! Today is our third anniversary.

  2. Happy anniversary and congratulations! My 15th is next tues, august must bring good luck! Hope you have 100 more wonderful years together!!

  3. Awesome that you guys make the time to do something special together each year! Our 10th is coming up and we will be doing something special too. Looks like I should talk with you about places to go!

  4. Happy Anniversary! It's great that you treat each other every year to celebrate. We just celebrated 21 years in June and I just find things get better and better as we go along. I hope they do for you too xo

  5. happy anniversary! i love that you guys seem to choose low key, naturally beautiful locales every year.

  6. thanks so much everyone! i totally agree that things keep getting better every year.
    we have really enjoyed each and every one of out trips together. we like to joke that we have "vacation A.D.D.". we like to move around a lot and test out different hotels. we have only had two trips over 3 mights, and on each of those trips, we stayed in 3 different hotels. i know that would drive other people crazy, but we love it.
    thanks again for all the well wishes!
    can't wait till hawaii...

  7. don't know what island you are visiting and if you already have accommodations picked out, but if you are going to Kauai...check out Waipouli Beach was fantastic!!! and we got a great deal on 4 years ago when we went.

  8. Super cute post. Wow you guys have traveled to so many cool places. Happy Anniversary, 15 years is amazing. Husband and I are approaching 5 years in October and we'll be off to Nashville.

  9. Happy Anniversary. My husband and I stayed at the Royal Hideaway for our 7th anniversary. It was the best!!!

  10. Happy Anniversary! It sounds like a dream trip is planned, you must be so excited.