Aug 23, 2011

bye, bye borders.

the struggling economic woes of the world are affecting companies small and large. we closed the doors on our own business three years ago, and many others have followed suit since. i was sad to see that borders book store will soon be out of business, but secretly a little happy that i could find some design books to add to my library. at 30% and 40% off, how could i resist?

while i was there this weekend i picked up:
"the color scheme bible" and "the comfortable home".
usually, i ignore design books with grandiose claims like the "curtain/design/sofa/chair/fabric BIBLE", but i picked it up, and was really inspired by many of the color combinations. so, it came home with me.

i have been a bob williams and mitchell gold fan for a long time. their furniture is classy, timeless and just edgy enough to make it interesting. their book shows the reader step by step instructions on how to achieve the comfortable, layered, personal look they are known for.

if there is a borders near you, you may want to swing by and see what they have. i was amazed at the inventory still left at the store we visited (the riverwoods in orem), but i imagine that if you waited too much longer, there will only be copies of books like "slow cookin' possums" and "things you never wanted to know about asphalt" left.

bye, bye borders.
you will be missed...but thank you for your parting gifts.


  1. You're sad to see Borders close? I went to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor MI- the home to the ORIGINAL, 2 story but much smaller Borders Books. It was a perfect bookstore, where there was an expert for each department who really knew what was out there. This was before their was a mega bookstore on every corner. In fact, there were NO mega bookstore so the 2-story Borders was an anomaly. In Ann Arbor the store flourished. Lots of "book" people to call customers. I remember when my mother came to visit we always hit up Borders.

    I'm glad you got some bargains as nobody can have too many books.

    I just found your blog and really enjoy it.

  2. Borders will be missed. I have been quite a few times getting lots of goodies are various discounts. Will head there again before they close.