Aug 16, 2011

house update: kitchen paint + backsplash

we have been testing some colors for the kitchen/breakfast room/great room, and have
narrowed it down to a few colors:
i think we have a winner:
benjamin moore's adagio: 1593.
it's fast becoming my FAVORITE blue. it has a tinge of grey in it, but is a very soothing, muted blue that
looks great with lots of other colors. i used this same color for an office that i worked on this spring, and the clients LOVED it.
it's going to look great with the glass tile we have selected for the backsplash. my client wanted a soft blue in the kitchen/great room. i felt the room could handle the depth of "adagio" because their are actually NO walls in that very large area that are not broken up with windows, cabinetry or built-ins. plus, the room gets a LOT of natural light. 
it's so fun to show up on the job site every few weeks and see all the progress being made. i can't wait until i get to build a house again! but truthfully, it's just as much fun being "just" the designer on the job!


  1. Gorgeous color! Like the tiles with it as well:)

  2. pretty! looking forward to seeing the finished project!


  3. beautiful.
    so cool and yet so warm.

  4. Great choice of color. It will add beauty and it will show the size of the area. Love it.