Aug 2, 2011

nailhead trim

one thing that i never tire of seeing:
nailhead trim. i think it adds definition and character to anything it graces.
 i first saw this ikea hack at little green notebook, and thought it was brilliant.

 i love the way this nailhead trim sits on the edge of the fabric, and love the contrast it provides with the dark wood.

 this piece is so interesting. this would be easy to duplicate on a simple dresser.

 i would have never thought to add it to a kitchen, but it looks really fun and unique here!
this floating console has drawers outlined in nailhead trim. this entire vignette has me drooling.
it's spectacular. (young house love)

emily just posted these photos on her blog...she dressed up plain closet doors with nailhead trim.


  1. Those piece of furnitures are so interesting. This would be easy to duplicate on a simple dresser. I really impressive with your work.

  2. I adore nailhead on anything. I have to pace my self else everything would have a bit of it! M.

  3. LOVE nailhead trim! Beautiful and practical post. Thank you.

  4. That is very stylish couch. Its border is very unique as well as also like that mirror, it is very small but it helps to make more attractive room.

  5. People keep this furniture in smaller spaces. This kind of furniture completely fit in your home or office. You get enough space in your home with this type of furniture.