Aug 8, 2011

summer festivals + affordable art

my husband and i took our kids swimming on saturday, and couldn't help but notice a summer festival taking place in the park adjacent to the pool. we decided to walk over and check it out, and i am so glad we did!
(made from scratch lemon-limeade. YUM.)

and can you guess what THIS is??
it is a "tornado fry", which we just  HAD to try!
they take a potato, skewer it, spiral slice it, fan it out, and then fry it. after they give it to you, you get to shake on a seasoning of your choice. it's fun to eat and totally delicious....and, like most "carnie food", will literally make your thighs fatter and your arteries clog AS you walk around the festival/carnival/fair.
thank goodness these festivals only come once a year, right?

 of course, in addition to the typical snow cone, funnel cake and kettle corn booths, there were also dozens of vendors selling pottery, photographs, clothing, jewelry and art.

these little coin purses were made in africa from paper beads.

i really love how delicate these necklaces are...and adore the colors.

 i managed to snag some new necklaces, but my big find of the night was a team of local artists, 
donald prys and jodi steen. (a father/daughter talent duo.)

jodis' work is bold and graphic, and i love the colors and horizontal elements.


donald's  work is more geared towards landscapes, and i love the soft tones and slightly abstract feel of his work. i really love how he painted the sides of his smaller, unframed pieces gives them a more modern/transitional feel. 
he even had a few pieces that were quite large...about 18" x 40+" that would look amazing over a long console.

i am a big believer in filling the walls of your home with items that are meaningful to YOU...
art and other media that "speaks" to you, photos and mementos...artwork by your children...
anything---as long as you really LOVE it.
does the task seem daunting? 
start slow...
try checking out the local summer festivals around you to find original art. most of the artists at these booths are either local or regional, and you can often find some amazing and beautiful pieces
at a fraction of the cost you would find similar art in a gallery or even online. plus, you get the added
bonus of actually meeting the artist!
after seeing jodi's and donald's work, i KNEW i couldn't leave the festival without a piece or two.

when i saw these small, square pieces that jodi had available, for only $32 each, 
i knew i had hit the jackpot....

i had a VERY hard time deciding. (just ask my took forever!)

i ended up with these TWO pieces:
i loved this one because of the textures, and it reminded me of the beach...

i love the soft grey/green tones in this piece, with the thin band of mustard yellow and soft blue "sky".

each piece is oil paint on paper, and is signed. my images don't capture the subtle sheen of each piece. you can see each brushstroke, which i find absolutely beautiful.

i also purchased these two necklaces. the first one is made from cream colored opaque glass beads, and the second is a combination of silver, turquoise and pearls.

love that the clasp on the beaded necklace is hand carved wood!

don't be afraid to check out some summer festivals. 
you just might find something you can't live without.

to see more of donalds work, click here.
to see more of jodi's work, click here.

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