Aug 10, 2011

jen's bench

my friend jen has been working on a few projects for her master bedroom redesign.
she bought the mirrored bench on her design plan, and we and had it recovered in an orange geometric woven fabric. i was so excited when i saw a peek of the same fabric yesterday on emily's blog, and even more excited to see that  jen's bench is back from the reupholsters.
i know it seems odd to buy a brand new bench only to have it recovered, but at times, modifying a new piece can be an affordable way to get a completely unique, designer look at a lower cost than you would find in a boutique or from a high-end retailer.
have you ever bought something brand new with the intention of painting/recovering/modifying it some way?


  1. I love what you did. It looks great. I have bought a Homegoods piece for a client and we had it reupholstered. Sometimes when your on a budget or you just find the right piece it is worth it to re-do it.

  2. Over the weekend, I scored a lovely sofa at a garage sale. It has some great lines, but desperately needs to be reupholstered. Do you have any favorite upholstery shops in SL or UT counties?

  3. I buy new and "customize" all of the time. This past weekend I painted a brand new table and a garden stool. I loved the shape and price of both, but they were the wrong color. Now they're perfect, and I got a complete bargain to have one-of-a-kind pieces. Love what you did with the bench!

  4. taylor....totally agree! if you can score a great deal on something, it is totally worth a re-do.

    kim...i live north of salt lake, so the upholsterer i use (markells) is in bountiful. however, i believe that other designers/bloggers use rocky mountain upholstery--651-9368.

    jenny, sounds like you have a great eye! some people have a hard time visualizing what a piece (especially a new one) will look like if painted! nice scores!!


  5. just bought chairs last night and ripped them apart immediately after opening the boxes.... would be done right now but unfortunately 1/2 yard short on the fabric... bummer... now I have to wait for more to arrive!

  6. I don't know what it looked like before, but it is really pretty now !