Aug 31, 2011

positano perfection

i had to take my oldest daughter to a doctors appointment yesterday, and while we were waiting to be seen, i sifted through the parents and newsweek magazines, and spotted an architectural digest. score! i was a subscriber to architectural digest for what seemed like forever, but dropped my subscription a few years ago because it seemed like 90% of the magazine was advertisements, and most of the interiors featured most of the time just didn't EXCITE me...
i may have to renew my subscription...
because, i let out an audible *sigh in the doctors office when i saw these pictures:
uh...for real?? does it get any prettier than this? these images are from the recently restored and redecorated villa tre ville in positano, italy. as liz lemon would say. "i want to go there."

 i was so intrigued by this over scaled "sunburst" behind the headboard, and love how the graphic damask on the pillows feels classic and yet modern at the same time.
really, without the pillows and the sunburst, this room is a very simple, all-white room...but with those two "wow" elements, the room becomes mesmerizing. 

 the pinstripes in the tile and the moravian star are GORG-eous.
i LOVE stripes, and love the way that simple little line in the tile really makes a statement...but in such an understated, elegant way.
the view is, afterall, the STAR here.

one day, this girl is going to get herself to italy. ONE day...
isn't this view stunning?
can't you just imagine curling up here with a book and a drink?
(and wouldn't you know it...i was right in the middle of a glorious daydream...right there on that chair with my book and my drink, when the doctor walked in. i think it's the first time i have EVER wished that a doctor was MORE late than he already was. i was SO enjoying that view...)
where do you dream of traveling? do tell.

all images via architectural digest, july 2011.


  1. Yes, I also let my subscription run out as I wasn't even bothering to look at it anymore. But apparently Margaret is doing her job! There were some unique ideas here and of course beautifully shown! Janell

  2. i am in love with that bedroom. and the bathroom and the view. basically all of it.

    if i didn't have kids and dogs and a messy husband i would totally have an all white room with just a few key points of color....but alas we have to survive stains.

  3. How beautiful!!! Oh, to live there would be heavenly. Visiting from TT&J.

  4. Love your blog, love those Positano pics, and love that you quoted Liz Lemon! I also use "I want to go to there" when I run across a must-see place :)

  5. So gorgeous! We just returned from a Mediterranean cruise and drove along those cliffs along the Bay of Naples - the stunning clifftop homes with those stunning views - dreamy!! :)

  6. Totally with you on the number of ads in that magazine! And that sunburst. Drool....

  7. Why does the light just look somehow more magical in Italy...or Greece...or somewhere where you're NOT?! Gorgeous photos! Couples-in-planning should aim for a honeymoon somwhere like this!

  8. Love the pictures! And yes, Positano is THAT beautiful for real! Spent some time there back in college...I remember a thrilling bus ride along the coastal highway and a gorgeous room overlooking the water! The main restaurants along the beach had the some of the best food I've ever had! I think they filmed the live action version of Popeye there (with Robin Williams and Shelley Duvall).

  9. I love the sunburst headboard. It is such a statement piece!!