Aug 1, 2011

house update: trim details

my clients house is coming along nicely. oh, how i LOVE building houses!
my husband was in the residential construction industry for a decade, and in addition to the many custom homes we built for our clients, we also built two personal homes and remodeled another three. i LOVE all phases of new construction, but my favorite is when the trim carpenters show up. i love seeing sketches like this...

and this...
turn in to this:

and this:

and this:

here is a peek at the mud room built-ins. they are the prettiest shade of grey/blue:
the house is coming together so well. i am looking forward to sharing the final pictures!


  1. how fun it must be to build a house from the ground up! the suspense would nearly kill me, but i would have a ball designing!

  2. Looks gorgeous so far! I love all the beautiful trim and moulding that is used in American houses. If you bring up those kinds of features to an Australian carpenter they generally look at you like you're insane!

  3. It looks great. Cant wait to see it when it is done.