Aug 15, 2011

camouflaging an off-center window

have an off-center or awkwardly placed window?
so did the living room of a beach house which i recently completed as an online design project.
here was the solution i came up with:
this random/ asymmetrical grouping takes the focus off the oddly placed window,  and adds visual balance.  another way to create visual balance would be to place one or more objects that are similar in height and width to the window, such as a set of two square frames, or a grouping of 4 frames. i chose this random placement because we already had two "ordered" groupings on other walls of the room, and felt that this wall needed something less "planned". 

have another solution for this dilemma that you would like to share? i would love  to hear your ideas!


  1. oooh nice...everything being off centered...centered the whole darn thing! I am loving that side table and the striped pillow!!!


  2. If curtains are an option, you could extend the curtain rod out to create the illusion of an entire window behind the couch. Of course, this would depend on a few factors... You would probably need black out curtains or blinds so that there wouldn't be a visual difference between the part of the curtain over the genuine window and the part of the curtain over the wall; the curtains could probably not be very sheer; you couldn't open the curtains (unless it was assymetrically!)...

  3. jc.
    GREAT option! that look works especially well in bedrooms.

  4. Great job!! You mastered the art of camouflage!!! Kathysue

  5. Looks great! A large piece of art in place of all of the smaller pieces might be a great balance to the offset window. Color can also help add visual weight in cases of unsymmetric architecture like this.

  6. Please please please tell me where the mirrors are from. I've been looking for one to place on my mantel & everything I find is too big,

  7. I always wonder why houses are designed with windows in odd places. Luckily your client found a designer who knows the value of creating balance.