Nov 9, 2011

dark chocolate

something i have been noticing lately and liking:
dark chocolate brown walls:

kirsten blogged about this house last week...when i opened up my country living magazine and saw this house, i immediately fell in love with the bright and happy rooms. i really like how the walls and floors are dark and neutral, but selected fabrics, doors, and furniture are bright. it's a perfect balance.
SO pretty! i actually have that same table, and i love it.

the orange table really becomes the star of this room...

i can't tell what i like more...the clock, the chair, or the dog.
all images are from the november issue of country living.

then, i opened up the november issue of atlanta homes magazine, and saw this amazing room by phoebe howard. the walls are lacquered and have this amazing reflective quality.

this room has lots of neutrals and textures in it, which is a look i love. check out the rug!
it is cowhide that has been sewn together in little squares to create a pattern...that just might be the
most awesome rug i have ever seen. (sorry vegetarians.)

everything in this room is so elegant. it definitely has a traditional feel to it, but also has an "edge" to it.

here are a few other rooms with dark chocolate walls:
 todd romano
davis hicks

all this talk about chocolate is making me hungry....


  1. I love the sudden mix of bright color! I am wondering is it okay to paint one door in your house black? I am wanting to paint my foyer door in the Onyx Benjamin Moore but keep my other doors white. I loved the look of the Treyburn Foyer. I hope to rip out the white tile and do the checkerboard eventually. Love your blog. I had no style or direction and i love your style . so talented.

  2. holly...i would go ahead and paint that one door! why not? if you hate it, you can always paint it back.

  3. I'm loving that orange table! I may have to steal that idea! :) Overall, very beautiful work.


  4. i love brown and old bedroom was brown and i always felt it was very serene.

  5. big chair looks amazing!!!

    nice work