Nov 4, 2011

fantasizing about...


and a little of this:

and also a dash of this:

yes, we just signed a one year lease, but that means that hopefully next year at this time we will be
in our OWN house. i have always been intrigued by "pretty houses". i remember being about 7, and my dad took me to a coworkers house to drop something off. they lived in a historic neighborhood, nestled in a small area near downtown columbus. i was in awe of the enormous trees, the brick walkways and the quaint and charming brick houses. it wasn't just the way each house looked, it was about the entire neighborhood. it had a certain FEELING about it. it felt warm. homey. and perfect. 
i was just in a neighborhood like that here in salt lake. as soon as i pulled my car into one of the tree-lined streets, with the lamp post lights and the cozy houses, i let out an audible *sigh. one day i would love to buy and remodel a small house in a neighborhood like that. one day. right now, it's just a fantasy. and i am ok with that. for now.

happy weekend!


  1. That is how I feel driving through Sugar House or the Avenues. *sigh* Even though I love and enjoy having a more affordable home in a neighborhood that isn't quite as picture perfect it's not likely I'll stop daydreaming about having my dream house in one of those neighborhoods someday. Maybe when we retire haha.

  2. Yes Sugar House and the Avenues neighborhoods are great!! I would want a house there too if I lived in UT

  3. Homey fantasies are good. Sounds like you have one already.

  4. I love the first house. It has that old type home feeling that I have always been drawn to. Home fantasies are always nice to have. I am always looking at places and dreaming.

  5. That first exterior is a look I ADORE!! Janell