Nov 16, 2011

affordable gourd lamp

i love a good lamp. the right lamp can really transform a room. 
here is an affordable little beauty i just had to share:
(hello! what a great price!)

also available in....

happy shopping!


  1. I saw these a couple of weeks ago and almost bought them... then I talked myself out of it. You may have convinced me to go back to the website and purchase them now! :) So pretty and such a great deal for the look.


  2. Very cute! I love the dark red one. I will have to pick one of these guys up sometime :)


  3. I'm a huge fan of the double gourd! GREAT find.

  4. i like a heavy lamp. One that if i am watching TV i can reach over and turn on without fearing it will fall over or having my kids accidently knock over. I have a hard time finding heavy based lamps. i like this style .