Nov 21, 2011

paint choices for grady's room

i have narrowed down the paint choices for grady's room. here are the finalists:

boothbay gray

blue springs

feather gray

and a picture of them in the room....with and without the flash:
i am leaning towards blue springs. the booth bay gray has a little too much green in it to tie in with 
the rug, and although i really like the feather gray, i worry that it might look a little too feminine.
what are your thoughts? do you have a favorite? have you seen or used these colors before?


  1. I like the Blue Springs. I haven't seen any of those colors before. I usually google them and look at all the images before I make a final decision. Today I painted my office Silvermist by SW (although I always get in mixed in BM Aura). I LOVE it. It looks very similar to Blue Springs and reminds me of Restoration Hardware Silver Sage (one of my all time favorite paint colors). Love all the stuff you've picked out for his room!! I have 3 girls and I'm getting ready to redo my middle daughter's room b/c she's a total tomboy and her pink room doesn't suit her anymore. I'm looking for a navy paint color if you know of any good ones!! Carin

  2. I agree that the boothbay is too green. I'd go for the blue springs or feather grey.

  3. the rug is the blue grey rug from overstock, with you can see on the board for his room on last weeks post:

  4. whatever has more blue in it maybe, since blue is the opposite of orange on the color wheel. Love those two colors together, but also blue/grey and orange is sharp too. that orange blanket and fabric are so handsome looking. good luck.

  5. I've never used any of these Benjamin Moore colors. Based on your photos I'd agree that the boothbay seems to have too much green in it next to the Overstock rug.

  6. Autumn
    Your curated sale is stunning! Everything was so you, bravo! Pick it up a little something! xoxo


  7. Hi Autumn,

    I have been trying to find a gray for my boys' bathroom to go with this excellent blue gray striped shower curtain I bought from target. I am excited to hear what you choose - I have tried Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl, Metro Gray (which my husband told me is purple), and Arctic Gray. I think I am settling on Artic Gray - based on your decision I might consider Blue Springs.... By the way I was on Joss & Main today and loved your collection! I was disaspointed to see the Regent Chair go so quickly ;)

  8. All are beautiful! Based on the photos you submitted, I would go with feather... its the closest in feeling to the current color, and if you go with that, its likely your landlord would not make you paint it back before you leave. That said, if you could paint any of them, I love the richness of boothbay, but the camera never captures it as beautifully as you see it with your eye. Trust your gut!